02 December 2012

"off grid" ... but still on-line (a little) ... at Lindberg Landing

Lindberg Landing Guesthouse (30 November 2012)
... "off grid" perch #2 ...

We arrived at Lindberg Landing on Friday night, after winding down our "off grid" stint at Check Point, to enjoy a very tasty late supper, courtesy, of Sue Lindberg, the delightful & welcoming owner/host of the Lindberg Landing Guesthouse.
Sue Lindberg
On Saturday, we got into the day with quite an active start, as Sue prepared breakfast, Pam & I were getting things going to make a carrot cake.  The cake was made to help our little celebration with Lynn & Wayne, in honour of their recent wedding anniversary, when they arrived back this way from their trip down South, en route to heading home to Check Point.
carrot cake to help celebrate Lynn & Wayne's anniversary
Later in the afternoon, Sue tended to cleaning out the ashes in the wood stove heater that is the primary heat source for the main Guesthouse here at Lindberg Landing.  The wood heater is made by Arden Energy and it is the 6500 model, the large sized wood heater that RSF used to manufacture. 

My blog posts this week-end will be a little different, since the electricity needed to power my laptop & post updates on the Internet are reliant on the battery back-up power that is created through the Solar PV array on the south-facing wall of the Guesthouse here.  For now, I will post mostly pictures for this first update & I will add additional text to these posts later on ... the pic's in this update will introduce you to the large wood heater here at Lindberg Landing and the effort required to maintain & operate  it ...
Sue breaking up the ashes in the wood heater
breaking up the ashes in the wood heater
cleaned up & ready for another 4-6 weeks
cleaning out the ashes from the wood stove heater
20 litre (5 gallon) pail, mostly full of ashes
cleaned out & ready to light up again
we have flames ... 45 min. after starting to clean out the ashes :)

 Free Breeze fan (Cdn  made)
close-up large air circulating fan on the wood stove heater
time for a break out in the snow with Yukon, the wonder dog!
ahhh, enjoying the peace & beauty of the Winter wonderland around Lindberg Landing
Sue's annual Winter wood supply for the wood heater
... measurements to follow
kitchen stove firewood supply ... enough for 3 Winters

additional wood supply, around the corner from the main wood supply
... used as needed if the Winter is colder or longer than usual

Pam had a great time pulling together a big pot of her awesome chili, although cooking next to such a hot stove, made for a very hot cooking experience!  We enjoyed a very tasty supper Saturday night, later than expected, since the blue corn bread wasn't baking up as quickly as we anticipated on the wood heater stove. We thought we'd try making the most of using the heat coming off the wood heater for getting supper prepared, just made for a toastier effort as we took turns stirring the pot & Pam went back & forth to the kitchen  nearby, to grab various ingredients to add to the pot ::

"hot stuff"... Pam & her rosy cheeks as she perfects her wood stove heater chili creation

veggies sautéing on the wood stove before they go into the chili
More later today, on the wood heating system and some new pic's & information about the kitchen stove and the renewable energy sources that Sue uses here at Lindberg Landing ... the Solar PV & battery storage system ...


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