23 November 2012

Did You Know ...?

did you know that in today's news ... "a report by the UN Environment Program, released just days ahead of a major climate conference, said the concentration of heat-trapping greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen about 20 per cent since 2000"  CBC news UN-climate-environment-emissions-report  here's another link to a similar news story: MS NBC

we have a big job ahead of us but we've also got the means to turn things around to reduce our energy use and our reliance on greenhouse gas producing energy sources ... here are a few ways that each of us can make a big difference in the amount of energy we use around our homes & communities ...

do you know ... about the following Energy Saving videos and websites that are available for NWT residents:

 Arctic Energy Alliance has a variety of information on our website with helpful tips/ideas for increasing the energy efficiency of your home that also helps lower your energy bills.  You can find this information at:  http://aea.nt.ca/saving-energy

the GNWT distributes a video to help people in the NWT get informed about renewable energy options such "Wood You Like to Save Some Money?", this video was created by Tait Communication
(click on the green bolded words to visit the websites for these items)

AEA also helps distribute a DVD created by the GNWT titled:  A Guide to Home Energy Savings to share information with NWT residents to help them decrease their energy bills & increase the energy efficiency of their homes.  (you can click on the bolded words above to watch a series of video clips that AEA has posted on YouTube)

The NWT Power Corporation also has some helpful tips ... that you can access through the following links:  NTPC Energy Saving Tips & NTPC's $ave Energy, $ave Money tips

There's heaps more we can each do, feel free to explore those possibilities, perhaps share your ideas with folks in your community or ...
... you can give one of our Arctic Energy Alliance offices a call if you would like to seek out some of our FREE Energy Advice, or if you have ideas for something bigger & want to find out how to move these ideas forward.

It's time to go "top up" the wood pellet stove inside & hopefully the fluffy snow that fell overnight has reduced itself to a trickle, so that we can add more pellets to the outside hopper for the wood pellet boiler :)  

I'll be in touch again in the afternoon with another update from Check Point to share more stories of Living up the River, without a Powerline" ...


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